Past Work

20140730_104636Emma Stevenson Cowan, Joseph’s Carpentry Shop Sign, 2015, oil on reclaimed metal and wood, H. 5 ft.

20140730_104705Detail ^


Detail ^

20140811_165413Emma Stevenson Cowan, Tea Time, 2014, acrylic on canvas, H. 24 in.

20140811_165433Emma Stevenson Cowan, Northern Liberties, 2013, acrylic on canvas, H. 18 in.

100_1243Emma Stevenson Cowan, Woman and Dog, 2010, oil on canvas, H. 12 in.

100_1673Emma Stevenson Cowan, Woman with Parasol, 2005, oil on canvas, H. 30 in.


DSCN1154Emma Stevenson Cowan, Reclining Figure, 2009, oil on masonite, H. 9 in.

100_1237Emma Stevenson Cowan, Woman Sunbathing, 2004, oil on canvas, H. 30 in.

100_1231Emma Stevenson Cowan, Fireman Study, 2003, oil on masonite, H. 12 in.

100_1378Emma Stevenson Cowan, Potomac River Study, 2002, oil on masonite, H. 12 in.


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